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ASAHI Premier Rich Collagen Powder

For women who are seeking firmer, more elastic and radiant skin.

This premium version combines low molecular weight compound collagen and high absorption type collagen, totaling in 5500mg of collagen.

Effective in anti-aging with 16 types of beauty ingredients including 1500mg of placenta, royal jelly and Swallow’s nest, are packed in each dose (7.5g) in condensed form!

Contains 5,500mg, the highest amount of collagen per single intake (7.5g) of all of this series!

It also contains placenta extract that is popular as an aging-care ingredient.

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ASAHI Premier Rich Collagen Powder Gold Pack



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228g   (30days)


ASAHI Premier Rich Collagen contains Placenta Extract 1500 mg.

The key ingredient of  ASAHI premier rich series is “Collagen” which has a very close relationship to our body.

Collagen peptide is a gelatine, which is broken down into lower molecules so that it functions better in the digestion and absorption processes.

ASAHI premier rich collagen is highly recommended for women who are seeking firmer, more elastic and radiant skin.

It is never too early to take care of your health, be beautiful inside and out with ASAHI premier rich collagen powder with Vit C.

How to Consume

1.Take one spoon full of powder and mix with juice/coffee, soup or water.

2.Recommend one spoon per day ~7.5g.

3. Consume up to ~30days.


Peptide (gelatin: pork and fish-derived), indigestible dextrin a month nutrient extract at the end of the placenta extract powder (swine origin), lactic acid powder (sterilization), ceramide content pineapple extract, vegetable oil, Royal Jelly extract at the end of the Coenzyme Q10, mixed herb extract (dextrin, houttuynia cordata, Hawthorn, Roman Chamomile and grape leaves), enzymatic treatment yan fossa, vitamin C, sweeteners (sorbitol, Acesulfame-K, sucralose), thickener (pullulan), hyaluronic acid , flavoring, Glucosamine (shrimp and crab from)


1.Please do not consume if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, infants, children.

2.If you are currently receiving treatment, please consult your doctor.

3.Firmly close the opening, avoid the heat and humidity, direct sunlight.


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 22.4 cm

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