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The Placenta Premium Daily Supplement

No.1 Japan 100% pure “The Placenta” new placenta formulation.

Metabolic The Placenta is to pursue the woman of beautiful skin, placenta was luxury formulated, and is the everyday use of the placenta supplements.

Added collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, royal jelly, and a total of six of proteins to the formula.


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Product Name

The Placenta Premium Daily Supplement (Soft Capsules)



Country of origin



Contents : 90 Capsules

(1 Tablet content 3520 mg)

Daily Standard Dose : 3 Tablets in a packet.

(3 Capsule Equivalent to 10560mg)


No.1 Japan 100% pure “The Placenta” new placenta formulation.

Besides the highly acclaimed active cellular material in every capsule, the new formulation adds 90% more levels of essential growth factors. Transfer factors, which are well known for strengthening the immune system, are successfully extracted from pig placenta and added into this new exclusive formulation too.

Rejuvenating skin
Facilitating cell differentiation
Stimulating immune system function
Improving osteo-arthritic inflammation
Improving hormonal balance
Protecting against viral infection
Stimulating thyroid function
Improving and repairing heart muscle function
Regenerating liver tissue
Improving wound healing
Defying malignant growth

Ingredients such as placenta extract powder 320mg (equivalent 10560mg as placenta), collagen 50mg, royal jelly powder 20mg, hyaluronic acid 5mg, elastin 2mg, proteoglycan 1mg (per 3CP

How to consume

Take one packet 3 capsules a day. Enjoy well-balanced diet


Supplement with Placenta Extracts. Ingredients: Safflower oil, Platin, Pig placenta extract powder, Pig collagen peptide, Royal jelly powder, Salmon nasal cartilage extract containing proteoglycan, Pig elastin peptides, Glycerin, Fatty acid ester, Hyaluronic acid.


Do not use if you are allergic to the any of the ingredients. Some ingredients are derived from plant and animal, therefore the color, smell, taste and softness of the capsules may differ due to the season and temperature, but not quality issue. Stop usage if you have unusal reaction. Consult a physician prior to use if you have medical condition or taking medication. Use soon after each packet is opened.

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